Zach Braff Calls Out And Blocks Critic Who Didn’t Like His New Film

By: Liam McGuire

Eric D. Snider wrote a piece almost three months ago for on the crowdfunded Zach Braff movie Wish I Was Here titled Sundance 2014 Review: ‘Wish I Was Here’ Is Even Worse Than You Thought ‘Garden State’ Was.

In the article he criticized Zach Braff and the movie, saying:

I’m even warier now that I’ve seen Braff’s sloppy followup, Wish I Was Here, which is phony, shallow, and completely disconnected from reality. To make matters worse, it thinks it’s sincere, deep, and realistic. Sometimes you get the impression a movie was made by cynical people who didn’t believe what they were peddling but figured they could get audiences to buy it. That’s not the case here. I think Braff is sincere about every aspect of Wish I Was Here, and that he thinks it says exactly what he wanted it to say. He’s just wrong, that’s all.

It’s safe to say Snider did not enjoy the movie.

Snider tweeted out his review again two days ago, after the trailer of the film was released.

So why does this all matter? Flash forward to late last night, Braff posted this tweet.

This is Snider’s Twitter avatar. Braff tweeted it out to his over 1.3 million followers. The tweet got almost 200 retweets, over 1000 favorites and many replies. To top it all off, Braff blocked Snider as well.

Snider did not tweet his review directly to Braff. Braff must have seen the Tweet by searching his own name or by somebody tipping him off about it. The only time Snider had ever tweeted directly Braff was back in May of 2013.

So, is this fair or foul? Just because somebody has a silly avatar, does that mean his opinion shouldn’t matter? Should Braff have thicker skin when it comes to matters like this one? This seems a bit shady on Braff’s part that he would go out of his way to call out the critic (who has received many inappropriate responses from Braff followers since the callout) and then block him.

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