Series Premiere Of Chozen

By: Robert Johnson

(Image via FX)

(Image via FX)


FX’s new animated comedy Chozen premiered January 13, it follows directly after Archer, the channels most popular animated show.  It stars Bobby Moynihan from Saturday Night Live fame as the title character. It also includes, Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and Method Man, who all provide voices of major characters in the show. It’s produced by David Gordon Green and Jody Hill who both worked on Eastbound & Down, and you can definitely notice a lot of Eastbound in the first episode of Chozen.

The show centers around Chozen (Moynihan) a gay white rapper who was framed by Phantasm (Method Man) and sent to prison for crimes that Phantasm committed. The beginning of the episode shows Chozen, Phantasm and two of their friends in a rap group that are becoming famous in their hometown. The problem is, Chozen is more popular than the other three and that starts to irritate Phantasm to the point where they can’t get a long anymore.

While Chozen is in prison, Phantasm becomes a superstar in the rap world, and that motivates Chozen to do everything he can to regain the popularity he once had.  During his prison time it shows him writing songs, working out, and from time to time taking advantage of other guys in the shower.

Once he’s back on the street he heads to his sister’s house, and she reluctantly allows him to stay there for a bit. It doesn’t take long before he upsets her by ordering G.I Joe on pay per view too many times, eating her food and smashing the T.V.

He decides to go to a high school football game to get some motivation for some lyrics to a new song, when he meets Jimmy (McBride) who is there, taking up-skirt shots of the cheerleaders for his website. They begin talking, and Chozen finds out that Jimmy used to work in the music business (roadie,pyrotechnic), most notably with Motley Crue. Jimmy then says he was the one who would stick needles into Nikki Sixx’s penis, and from then on Chozen and Jimmy were friends.

Chozen heard about an open mic night from Jimmy, and thinks this could be his big  break, so he tracks down his other two band members Ricky and Troy to see if they wanted to get the group back together. They mention to him that, Phantasm has threatened them if they ever got back in the rap game.

Chozen and Jimmy get to open mic night, where they were greeted by Ricky and Jimmy who decided to show up after all, and they performed their new song redemption, which was a huge hit at the club.

For the pilot of the show, it wasn’t that bad at all. It follows in the same direction of Archer, Eastbound and Down, and Unsupervised, in the way of pushing the envelope to basically everything you can say and show on cable T.V.  Sadly most of the gay jokes we’ve heard before and were not funny, but there were other aspects that were hilarious. My favorite part coming when he rented G.I Joe from pay per view five times to see a shirtless Channing Tatum. Also, anything Jimmy said was pure gold, he’s definitely a character to look forward to.  I’m sure it will come into its own after a few episodes, but it should be interesting to see how it does with viewers. Just remember it took Archer a while to catch on.

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